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How long are MeroMero products guaranteed?

Under the legal warranty of conformity, you have two years to request repair, replacement or reimbursement of a defective item. But with the benefit of several years’ experience and the low rate of returns, we’ve decided to extend the warranty to 10 years. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, imperfections and irregular wear of an element. We don’t guarantee poor bag maintenance, stains, broken zips (because you force them too much!), torn straps (because you forget to stow the Mini-Squamish’s shoulder straps…) or holes caused by hungry rabbits (yes, yes, it’s happened!). On the other hand, we’ll always be there to find a repair solution for you, on request.

My bag has a defect. What can I do?

We do our best to ensure that all the products we put on the market are as long-lasting as possible, but we’re never completely immune to defects. So if you notice a problem with quality, conformity or abnormal wear, don’t wait to contact us under warranty. To do so, please fill in the after-sales service request form.

Is my MeroMero bag repairable?

Yes, we even think about it when we design the product, because we know that a product is only durable if it can be easily repaired. There may be a defect that we’ll repair at our own expense as part of the warranty, or there may be an accident (tear, cut strap, damaged zip, broken buckle…) that we can help you repair. In this case, we’ll request a quote from our repair workshops. And to encourage you to repair your bag even if it’s out of warranty, we sometimes cover part of the repair costs if they are too high.

Where are the bags repaired?

We work with several repair workshops in France (GreenWolf in Annecy and GoodLoop in Lyon) and are developing partnerships in Germany, Switzerland and soon in other countries near you.

How long does it take to repair my bag?

It takes between 2 and 3 weeks (excluding delivery) depending on the period, but it can also be much faster.

Can I repair my bag myself?

Yes, if you feel like repairing your bag, or if you know a great seamstress or shoemaker, we can send you the spare parts (buckles, straps, etc.). To do so, please fill in the after-sales service form. We’ll soon have some tutorials to show you how to do it:)

The Velcro on my bag doesn't hold anymore.

If you notice that the Velcro fasteners on your MINI-SQUAMISH (or ANNECY or POW) are no longer holding securely, check that they are clean. Sometimes, after months or years of use, dirt can get caught in the Velcro “hooks”. Brush them out with a fine-toothed comb, or remove the residue with tweezers. If the bag still doesn’t fit as well as before, it’s because the Velcro is deteriorating too quickly. In this case, don’t wait to contact us and open an after-sales request on the dedicated page. We’ll offer you a repair, replacement or refund solution.

I've lost the chest strap on my backpack. Where can I get a new one?

On early versions of the MINI-SQUAMISH and SQUAMISH backpacks, the removable chest strap could easily be lost if the buckle wasn’t properly engaged. Don’t hesitate to send us an after-sales request so that we can send you a replacement buckle or strap (or part of it).

Alternatively, a wider strap (which no longer falls off) is available for sale on the site for just €5.  It fits all MeroMero backpacks.

The leather strap on my backpack is coming loose. Can it be repaired?

We did have a small problem with a small series of backpacks. In trying to reinforce the stitching, the needle weakened the leather. This “defect” has since been rectified. But the good news is that it’s very easy to repair! If this happens to you, don’t wait to send us a repair request to be created, which we’ll cover in full under our 10-year warranty.

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