|     Roaming in Annecy’s streets      |    On the Pâquier     |     A rainy day in Grenoble    |

Roaming in Annecy's streets

Sarah and Billie came from the surrounding mountains to roam in Annecy’s streets. We took advantage of this moment to take some pictures and we arrived by chance at Jannok café boutique for a juice and a breast feed. This place as unique as vintage, has recently opened in Carnot street. 100% homemade snacks, sweets and juices. 

Featured product:
– Clem&Léon bag

On the Pâquier

First photo shoot at sunset, last Autumn, on Annecy’s grass (Pâquier) with Julie and Laurence… This is the proof that our products are not only made for parents !

Featured products:
– Clem&Léon bag
– Changing mat/computer pocket

A rainy day in Grenoble

The photo shooting was planned for ages, but the rain came uninvited. Never mind, the “Bastille” walk is just postponed!

However, as soon as baby Ruben is ready, we go to the market with Emilie, Rebecca and Léon… so as we can proof the waterproofness, the carrier property and the style of the bag!

Featured products:
– Clem&Léon bag (used as “diaper bag” and “baby carrier”)
– Changing mat/computer pocket
– Insulated pocket (baby’s bottle, tea, camera lens)
– Dummy pocket/purse

A mum using the MeroMero insulated pocket for a baby bottle