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Where does the brand come from?

MeroMero was born in Annecy, between lake and mountains, where Hélène, the founder, and Quentin, our digital manager, have lived since 2009. As for Susi, although she also lived in Annecy, she has now moved back to Germany. Over the years, Hélène has surrounded herself with freelancers who are all based in Annecy or the surrounding area: Mariia, Daphné, Aleks, Claire…

How do you come up with the name of your products?

Our first bag was called “Clem&Léon”, in reference to the chameleon that adapts to all situations. It’s also, and above all, a nod to Clémence and Léon, two children who directly inspired this first product, the starting point of the MeroMero adventure. As for the other products: Squamish, Paquier, Semnoz, Smögen, Annecy, Wanaka, Piha, these are all places or towns that have marked our lives as adventurers. Lark fasteners, because they mean “lark” in English, like the self-locking “lark’s head” knot you’re supposed to tie to hang them.

What does MeroMero mean?

And if that’s not the case, contact us directly! Mero, in Spanish (or even Italian), means “simple”, “pure” or “authentic” … like the products we develop. The expression “el mero mero”, more commonly used in Mexico, means the “grand manitou”, the spiritual leader, the one we respect. Later, we learned from our Japanese partner that over there, “mero mero” means “love at first sight”, a strong feeling of love… If we’d wanted to do it on purpose, we wouldn’t have succeeded! And for a little hint, “Chef” is the name given by the founder’s son to his cuddly toy, his “MeroMero” among all the others. We’ve simply removed the “El” to keep it as neutral as possible. And don’t forget to pronounce it without rolling the “R”… the French way!

Why do you focus on “active parents”?

The term “active parents” covers all those young parents who don’t stop living when a child is born – quite the contrary! They work, of course, but they also move around, travel and continue to explore the world with their children. So they need solutions that fit in with their active lives in the broadest sense of the term, but also with their style and values.

So being a parent means as well to have the chance to pass on values and influence future generations. So at MeroMero, we’re primarily targeting these active parents, who are looking for products that fit in with their active lifestyle, whether they’re with or without their child. But you totally don’t have to have children to use our products!

So MeroMerxo products are only for parents?

Of course not, and that’s our whole concept: to create products that meet the needs and requirements of parents, but also of those who don’t have any children.

Above all, we don’t want our bags to look like diaper bags, even though they’re designed to do just that. When we develop a bag, we also think about all “childless” uses: urban dwellers, cyclists, backpackers, photographers… All our bags are designed to have several lives and last as long as possible.

How can I become an ambassador?

We already have a full family of ambassadors.

But feel free to send us a message via the contact form formulaire de contact or directly via Instagram to get to know each other.

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