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Adri Surf Sport



Adri is not from this world… And even though he has his feet firmly planted the ground, only in the water, a dozen or so meters below the surface, does he feel right at home. A highly talented diver (freediving and scuba), he is also a surfer from Marseille (yes, there are are many), a Polynesian outrigger canoeing pro, and a stand up paddle boarding enthusiast. He competes in triathlons (so loves running, cycling, and of course swimming), plays beach volleyball, and does lots of other stuff … in short, a real all-around athlete.

Adri is also an autodidact (although he did a lot of studies). Passionate about traveling, he decides to buy an old VW T3 from 1982 (a great vintage, eh Susi ;-)) all rotten, to renovate it … although he knows nothing about bodywork and even less about mechanics! It took him a full year, a little bit each day, to bring Tao (which means “on the way”) back to life.

Adri uses the Mini-Squamish since he can take it everywhere he goes.



Because he’s such a great, handsome guy. Because he likes to share his passion for sports and travel. Because he managed to turn Tao into such a great little van. Because he does va’a (Polynesian outrigger canoe), and of course surfs in Marseille!






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