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Bertrand Lanneau


For Bertrand, it all started with an photo. A photo we saw on the Chilowé Instagram account and liked right away. It- was the kind of photo that takes you to another world in a split second. A van, the ocean, a sunset, a couple holding hands … And a few minutes later, a message from Bertrand replying to my comment. He would love to take photos like that for MeroMero, and even throw a little boy into the mix. Bingo !

Bertrand and Elsa were the first to travel with WeVan across Europe, and are the authors of the very first opus in the series Drive Your Adventure. They paved the way for Clémence and Thomas from @Roammates (vol. 2 about Norwayand vol. 3 about Portugal) and now Chloe and Gürkan from @vanlifegoeson (vol. 4 – in progress – about France).

Bertrand uses the Squamish roll top backpack for his photo gear. Elsa prefers the smaller Mini-Squamish that she uses with her sons, as well as the Paquier Pouch, that she use again for her second one Noé.


Because his famous photo made a real impression on us. Because Bertrand is a photographer (ex-pro) and his photos are so powerful (proof). He and Elsa traveled Europe in a van and shared their experience in a guidebook. And because before relocated to the southwest of France, they lived here in Haute-Savoie, in the Northern French Alps.



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