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Léa is sparkling, with her big smile and her long earrings that she wears in all circumstances. And despite her small size, she is going big: climbing, mountaineering, ski touring and recently: cycling, her new passion in which she excels. She has just won the E-Bike World Tour (the equivalent of the Free Ride World Tour in skiing and snowboarding). And don’t imagine that the engine does everything! You have to succeed in three days of riding with a teammate over a total of 300km and 15,000 m altitude!!!

This guide girl grew up in the mountains, on rock faces and even ice waterfalls until she became the French champion. A graduate of both a state climbing certificate and a master’s degree in sports marketing, she now manages a bar-restaurant in the heart of Arc 1950: the Bood Bear Café.

She also shares with her adventure and life companion, the explorer Fred Horny, trips by bike (also without battery). Moreover, one of their adventure is traced in the film “AMBROCELA” which has just toured during adventure film festivals.

Léa no longer leaves her Piha that she helped to develop with Fred. In MTB hip bag mode or on the handlebar during her Gravel trips … and accompanied by their 2 Mini-Squamish.


Because she already had a Mini-Squamish that she was a fan of.. Because she had stolen the proto hip bag from Fred and never gave it back. Because she has an incredible life story. Because we love her smile and her long earrings




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