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Flo Lanni


Flo is a real nomad. One of those individuals who doesn’t need much to be happy. And today, he already has anything he could ever need: a cozy little van, a surfboard, good coffee, and fascinating encounters.

As for his cozy van, Flo has Pistachio, a pistachio-colored 238 Fiat 1974. Italian, like Flo’s roots. This also explains his passion for coffee, even if Flo first started to really love coffee during a trip to Southeast Asia. And it was much later that his his grandmother explained to him that he is the descendant of a Parisian roaster (of Italian origin): Lanni coffee! She also told him that they also had a van… in the 50s!

Today, Flo works with wood, is learning all about mechanics (his dad’s profession), and enjoys immortalizing these moments in life with his camera. Before becoming a full-time vagabond, Flo was a professional photographer. He spent his time between Paris and Los Angeles taking photos of the world’s greatest skateboarders.

Flo chose to take the Squamish backpack with him (the V1, which he often uses to carry logs), and a Mini-Squamish.


Because he only needs the essentials. Because he has a simple yet extremely fulfilling life (yes, they are compatible). Because he makes great coffee and likes to share it with his friends and strangers. Because he takes wonderful photos. Because we fell for Pistachio. Because he never misses a sunset and is always barefoot …



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