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Pierre-Larry Petrone


Pierre-Larry is barely in his thirties and yet it looks like he has lived several lives. He is one of those extra-ordinary adventurers, a member of the prestigious “Society of French Explorers“, like Thomas Pesquet or Alexandra David-Neel. He dedicates his life to expedition, discovery and transmission of knowledge.

At early 20, he left as a war photographer in conflict zones: Gaza, Kosovo, Afghanistan. He will discover landscapes and souls that will push him to travel and explore more. He will leave, often alone and independently, walking, skiing, climbing, paragliding, cycling, canoeing all over the world and especially in remote regions. Canada, Alaska, Tian Shan, Himalayas, Colombia, Afghanistan, Jordany, Peru, Scotland and the list is too long to quote them all.

From his expeditions and his meetings, he wrote (and continues to do so) several mission reports and 3 books. Writing gives him this creative impetus and the possibility, like his photos or his lectures, to share and transmit “his knowledge” to as many people as possible. Its mission statement: to become a “transmitter of nature and adventure”.

Pierre-Larry is above all a mountain dweller: a former high-level athlete, ski patroller and rescue worker in the Vercors where he has set up his base camp. Experienced mountaineer, he also could have been a high mountain guide… But it is on the ocean that he continues his inner pilgrimage: expeditions, navigation, offshore races. He has become, in addition to the rest, a professional skipper and sailor. Ah yes, he is also a physical trainer and has taken care of Olympic and top-athletes.

Today, between two expeditions, Pierre-Larry accompanies “ordinary” people on micro-expeditions “just” for a few days with our friends from Explora-Project. A chance to cross paths with this adventurer and spend a bit time with him.

I would like to show other paths, inspire young people, bring out dreams, change our individual and collective behavior in favor of nature and above all bring out the best in us.

Pierre-Larry is equipped with two Mini-Squamish and a Piha in “bike bag” mode for his cycling adventures.


Because Pierre-Larry flached on the Mini-Squamish and wanted to bring them on his adventures. Because we want our bags to participate, at their level, in this wonderful mission of adventurer-reporter. Because crossing his path is already a chance… welcoming him to the MeroMero family, an honor.



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