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Remi Astegiano


Rémi is pretty much the influencer of the group, with his at least 2000 likes per photo (even more when he loses the shirt ;-). This mountain enthusiast heads off to higher ground as soon as he can to enjoy sunrise above Valence or Grenoble (France).

Otherwise, he works at Cimalp, a French outdoor clothing brand based in the Drôme.

Rémi never leaves home without his navy blue Squamish backpack color “Navy Blue” to tread in the mountains and bring us back superb images.


Because he fits 100% with who we are. He has a great community of athletes. He likes to hike in the mountains. And he does such a great job of taking us with him to the summits of the most beautiful peaks in the Alps. Oh yeah, and also because we are still waiting for a photo of him shirtless with the Squamish 😉



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24 November 2021

“He's a bit of the team's influencer with 2,000 likes per photo! Rémi is also a true mountain enthusiast who takes us to the most beautiful peaks around Grenoble....

24 November 2021

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