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Alpen Baby


Sophie loves everything about the mountains and outdoor sports: skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking. So, when she had a baby, it was simply out of the question to change her lifestyle! Louise aka Alpen Baby (alpine baby) had no choice but to keep up with her mom, and does not appear to mind at all. She follows her mom everywhere in the mountains surrounding their base camp in Oberaudorf, south of Munich right near the Austrian border.

She likes to share her adventures and show that you can continue to practice outdoor activities even with a toddler. If you speak German you can go to her website, or here or here or here.

Otherwise, when Sophie is not in the mountains, she looks down on them from an airplane window, since she works as a flight attendant for Lufthansa.

She takes her Squamish backpack on all her hikes and climbing trips with her daughter. And she hasn’t left the Onsen baby carrier since it came out!


Because Sophie shows us every day that life does not end with the birth of a child. There is no better time than now to pass on your passion for the mountains to you kid. She doesn’t hesitate one second to take Louise with her on a skateboard or mountain bike (safely, of course). Because, given Louise’s smile on every photo, she clearly enjoys it all!



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