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Alice & Ismael Khelifa


One page is hardly enough space to tell their story and talk about their journey. And yet, these two adventurers are still young. Alice and Ismaël are journalists, naturalists, guides in the polar region, lecturers, writers, directors, TV presenters, and young parents of two future adventurers: Naël and Aden. They also run the non-profit For My Planet, to which we provide our support through 1% For The Planet.

Today, Ismaël is co-presenter on the TV show Echappées Belles ("Beautiful Escapes") on France 5. And Alice has plans to co-present the TV show Envol & Vous ("Take off") on Ushuaia TV and France 3 starting in January 2021. So keep your eyes peeled, you just might see a MeroMero bag on TV!

Ishmael has also just released a book: “La Vie Simple ”, where he talks about his approach to reconnecting with nature and the authentic. A worthy read for every adventurer!

Alice and Ismaël each have a Mini-Squamish for their shoots. Otherwise, they use the Squamish backpack as soon as they go scrambling in the mountains and a Clem & Léon messenger bag with their kids.


One day Alice contacted us for her non-profit, which seeks to educate future generations on protecting the environment and the world's biodiversity. She is brilliant, bubbly, passionate, and caring. She and Ismaël form an extraordinary and very approachable. And of course, if we have the chance to place a MeroMero bag on TV, we can't say no 😉


Ismael Khelifa Echappees Belles Bretagne MeroMero
Ismael Khelifa and Alice Gastine Annecy MeroMero
Ismael Khelifa Shooting Annecy MeroMero
Ismael Khelifa and Alice Gastine Annecy MeroMero
Ismael Khelifa Shooting Annecy MeroMero bike bag


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