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The brand

In spanish, “mero” means “pure”, “authentic”, “simple”… as the products we make. The expression “el mero mero”, rather used in Mexico, means “the spiritual boss”, “the Great Manitou”, “the big cheese”. Anecdotally, “boss” is also the name given to the favorite “doudou” of the founder’s son. His “Mero Mero” among all the others. We just removed the “El” to stay neutral.
Be careful, you need to pronounce the “R” without rolling, with the peRfect fRench accent !

MeroMero’s mission statement is to create and make smart, design and sustainable baby products, to make active parents life even more enjoyable. We find our inspiration from the Outdoor industry in order to bring a unique offer in the baby market.

The MeroMero’s signature is this technical and adventurer style combined with the softness of baby fabrics. The adventurer style is directly inspired by the « outdoors », the mountains and the values the founder, Helene Allera-Marie, is evolving since always. MeroMero bets that these two markets, the baby and the outdoor ones, can be linked thanks to a common target: the active parents, in France, but also outside the borders. MeroMero, it’s also the hope to show to parents, to the industry and the future generation that we can make business on a different way, on a sustainable way.

“Active” means all these parents who do not stop living as they used to because they now have a baby. Quite the reverse, they work but also move, travel, explore the world with their children, they are trendy and always on the go! The ones who are looking for solutions adapted to their look and lifestyle. Being parent, is a chance to relay values and influence the future generations. This is the reason why as a young startup from Annecy, we started to create baby products for these active parents especially, the first to use the products for their children.

First it’s a bag but also en entire collection. In French, we pronounce “clemeleon”, meaning a chemelon. Like this little animal, the products’ range is adaptable and change according to the parents’ needs. And it is also a nod to Clémence and Léon, two kids who directly inspired these products.

The products

By doing eco-designed products, we constantly keep a focus on the protection of the environment at each step of the product lifecycle: R&D, design, raw materials, production, transport, distribution, use and recycling.

All the products are eco-designed in France and more precisely in Annecy (French Alps) where MeroMero started. We are lucky to be at the heart of an active place where plenty of companies started to grow. By the way, we are member of the Outdoor Sport Valley (OSV) network and the Sporaltec cluster which gather all the outdoor companies of the region.

Thanks to this skilled environment in a region particularly recognized for its textile industry, we can develop all the prototypes in collaboration with design offices in the surroundings.

La première version du sac Clem&Léon (S00101), ainsi que certains de ses accessoires, sont fabriqués dans une toile de coton huilée à la cire d’abeille. Cette protection naturelle permet de rendre le tissu encore plus résistant et surtout déperlant à l’eau. Comme le cuir, il va se patiner au fil du temps. Au bout de quelques mois, la “wax” va finir par sécher et le tissu va perdre son aspect gras et craquelé. Cependant, il est possible de repasser de la cire pour réimperméabiliser le tissu, mais nous ne vendons pas encore de produits d’entretien et ne pouvons garantir le rendu d’une telle réimperméabilisation.

Pour nettoyer d’éventuelles tâches, brossez délicatement le tissu, puis rincez-le à l’eau claire. Ne pas immerger le produit dans l’eau, le cuir risque de dégorger. Nettoyage en machine et à sec interdit, tout comme les détergents et produits chimiques.

La deuxième version du sac (S00102) (et de ses accessoires) est fabriquée dans un coton enduit à base de paraffine mais nécessite la même attention lorsqu’il s’agit de l’entretien.

You can easily machine wash the blanket at 30°C (86°F). Do not forget to remove the carabiner to avoid an annoying noise. But please avoid the dryer as the Modal (grey fabric) could shrink. Quickly dries in the open air!

OEKO-TEX (or ÖKO-TEX) is a independant german label which guarantees the human and ecological properties of your textile. The aim is to level out global differences regarding the assessment of possible harmful substances in textiles at each processing stage. At the end you can be sure your textile won’t have (or a very tiny percentage) any harmful substances for the health, the skin and the environement. Moreover, the main part of our fabrics are registered “Class I” which means safe for the delicate baby skin.

See more about OEKO-TEX label :

OEKO-TEX can certifiy a raw material (textile, snap…) but also an end product. In the case of end product, the maker needs to respect all the criteria, carry out an audit of the whole production line and pay, in order to obtain the final certificate.

At MeroMero, although each raw material is certified OEKO-TEX, we did not yet request the audit of the production line by OEKO-TEX to get the final certification. Why ? Because of the price which is quite high for a small company as us. That is why we do not have the right to say our final products are OEKO-TEX and we do not have the logo. But, for sure, it will be one of our future projects !

Après avoir essayé de faire fabriquer exclusivement en France et en Europe pour la première production, nous avons décidé, pour la nouvelle collection, de travailler avec un partenaire japonais, situé au Vietnam. C’est la seule solution que l’on a trouvé pour continuer à vous proposer des produits à la fois techniques, de haute qualité, éco-responsables et à un prix abordable. Les sacs et accessoires sont donc fabriqués à Ho Chi Minh, dans le sud du Vietnam. Nous nous rendons une à deux fois par ans sur place pour rencontrer des fournisseurs, développer de nouveaux produits, ou lancer une production.

D’ailleurs, nous n’hésitons pas à travailler avec d’autres marques de l’industrie Outdoor pour mutualiser certains couts de production, d’achats de matières premières, de transports de marchandise, de logistique…

Mais lorsque c’est possible, nous essayons de trouver des partenaires en France et en Europe pour des produits plus “simples” à fabriquer.

En toute logique et cohérence, nous sélectionnons les matériaux et tissus provenant en priorité de fournisseurs proches du lieu de fabrication. Pour la production “made in Europe”, nous aivons donc réussi à tout sourcer en France et en Europe. Mais lorsque nous avons décidé de travailler avec le Vietnam, nous avons dû trouver de nouveaux partenaires localement : Vietnam (cuir), Corée (coton waxé, nylon recyclé), Japon (zips), Taïwan…

Nous sommes constamment à la recherche de matériaux éco-responsables et certifiés.

In accordance with the informations in the General Sales Conditions, your MeroMero products are guarantee two years. If you notice any lack of conformity, please contact us as soon as possible at hello(at) If the fault is proven, we will repair or replace the product within 30 days. If repairing or replacing can not be done, we will give you back the money (purchase price).

After 2 years, if the product needs to be fixed, feel free to contact us, we can provide you a quote from our workshop.

The Paquier Pouch is made of waxed cotton canvas. It can be machine washed at 30°C (86°F). Contains some non-textile parts from animal origin (leather). The removable and waterproof protector in hypoallergenic Tencel® can be machine washed at 60°C (140°F).

REACH is a regulation of the European Union, adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.
At MeroMero we decided to use only french and european raw materials and fabrics to be sure they respect REACH. If the materials can not be found in Europe (as the aluminium buckles from Asia) we ask for the REACH certificate to be sure the product is in accordance with the european rules.

All our components are REACH certified, that means they have been tested and registered to the European CHemical Agency (ECHA) to guarantee the maximum safety.

To see more about REACH :

You can go for a walk, your drinks/food will remain warm for a while! We made the experience for you: in a ambiant temperature (28°C/82,4°F), we filled the baby bottle with boiling water (100°C/212°F). After 5h30, the water was still at ambiant temperature (28°C/82,4°F). Of course, the outside temperature, the kind of container used and the temperature of the drink at first, can all influence the results. But we can easily assure you 4h of hot drink!

We also tried the experience with a cold contents (yogurt…). An accurate result is more complex to deliver but you should be able to keep your contents cold for 2h. If you need more, think of adding an icepack inside.

The baby carrying system

The Clem&Léon’s bag has been designed like a carrying aid but DOES NOT replace a flexible baby carrier (sling, MeiTai,…) or a pre-shaped one (Ergobaby, Manduca..). Our bag has to be used like an carrying aid for a short period of time. It is a quick and convenient solution to carry your child from time to time (quick journey, stairs, public transport, etc.) but not for long walking tour. The term “Baby or child carrying” is also strictly controlled in France and in Europe (hopefully!). A carrying system needs to respect a very accurate norm (NF EN 13209-2 recently updated), as the product should ensure the child’s security by itself. In contrary, with the Clem&Léon’s bag, or any other aid carrying system, the child’s security is ensured by the carrier. Indeed, the adult must always be in contact with the child and always ensure the child’s security by firmly holding him, hand in the child’s back. However, the Clem&Léon’s bag is in conformity with safety requirements. It has been mechanically tested in certified laboratory according to applicable regulations.

The bag is designed for a child from 10 (ten) months. Indeed, he has to be able to sit down and stand by himself to be securely seated on the Clem&Léon “baby carrier” bag.

The bag is designed for a maximum weight of 15kg (3/4 years old). Reasonably, and according to the carrier’s build, the maximum weight in the bag, in addition to the child, is 5kg.

Yes. We designed the bag as a climbing harness which can resist up to 300 kg thanks to its buckles system and resistant seams. The main strap is identical to car and plane seat belts. Furthermore, even if we are not supposed to comply with the “baby carrier” standard (as our bag is not a baby carrier), the bag has been mechanically tested in certified laboratory according to applicable regulations “carrying aid system”. So this carrying system is in conformity with safety requirements.
To go even further, we thought about an extra security to reduce the sliding effect of the main strap. This adjustment to block the buckles is easy, please follow the instructions available on the website. Be careful, if you do not follow these given instructions, your child security may be affected. However, if you notice any lack of conformity of the bag, please stop immediately using it as an aid carrier and contact us as soon as possible at hello(at) If the fault is proven, we will repaire or replace the product within 30 days if the product is still covered by the guaranty (2 years). Do not forget to keep the receipt. If repairing or replacing can not be done, we will give you back the money (purchase price).
After 2 years, if the product needs to be fixed, feel free to contact us, we can provide you a quote from our workshop.

Yes. This carrying aid system is directly inspired by the lateral carrying used for ages. Carrying a child on the hip is the easiest and more natural way to do it. However, with the child’s weight, the parent’s hip can wriggle which can be paintfull for the back. At the end, carrying a child like this can be done for a very short time only. At MeroMero, we invented an easy and smart solution to hold the child and lighten his weight for the carrier. Thanks to the ergonomic shoulder pad, made with shape memory foam, the weight is better distributed. If well used, this new lateral carrying system perfectly fits the child’s physiology. The child is simply seated on his parent’s hip, supported by the bag. He has one leg on each side of the adult’s hip and the knees must be higher than the hips to respect his natural posture. The legs must not hang! Please, read carefully the instructions before using.

The orders

You just have to click on “Track my order” at the bottom of the page and fill in your order number you received by email.

This is a first step. We planned to open the shop to the european countries but first, we need to better organize our logistics to sell and ship abroad.

Indeed, the law is from the undecided’s side 😉 Within the 14 days following your purchase, you can withdraw, without justifying. This means you can send back the new product with the tag and the original packaging (unused), no matter the reason. You just have to fill in the withdrawal form (in the General Sales Conditions) et we will give you the money back (purchase price).

For now, the delivery is free and without any minimum purchase. It’s easier for everyone! The sending is done via Colissimo.

So far, we only use Colissimo but we are looking for other options: parcel drop off point, Chronopost 24h… to better answer your expectations.